Virat Kohli refused to bribe his father


20 May 2020, 12:37 IST changed

Virat Kohli refuses to bribe father in Sunil Chhetri’s chat show

Indian cricket team Captain Virat Kohli Revealed how he once failed to form a team at the junior level in Delhi because his father refused to pay a bribe. Virat Kohli revealed this when he was caught with the Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri In ‘Eleven on Ten’, the Instagram live session is hosted by the latter.

“There was a time in state cricket when a lot of elements came into play, and things wouldn’t be fair. I won’t explain it too much. There was a time when a certain person chose not to play the rules and said that there is no problem with qualification but you have to do something ‘extra’, ”said Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli believes that one needs to be extraordinary to be successful

Talking about his father, Virat Kohli said that he was a hard working man who had to make his own way and make a life for himself. The 2006 Under-19 World Cup-winning captain believes that hardworking people do not understand the language of bribery and dishonesty.

How Virat Kohli refused to pay his bribe and said that his father taught him that in order to be successful in life you have to do some extraordinary things. Virat Kohli also credited his father for his vision that they need to rely only on their own hard work to achieve their goals.

“He studied under streetlights. From there he worked hard to become a lawyer. He even served in the Merchant Navy. No one who works hard can understand this language. He just told my coach, ‘If he plays with talent, it’s good. If not, I don’t want him to play. I will not do all this, “said Virat Kohli.

“I was not elected so I cried a lot. This incident taught me that this is how the world works. If you want to be something, do something that no one else is doing. My dad taught me that you can only rely on your hard work. He has made a living for himself and taught me life through his actions, ”added Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli lost his father at the age of 18 in the Ranji Trophy match against Karnataka in December 200. The next day he will play for his state team and played a valuable knock to save the game for Delhi.