Warner fits pretty well with Liverpool, Rangnik says


Retrieved 11 May 2020, 05:38 IST

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Timo Warner of Arabic Leipzig

According to former coach Ralph Rangnik, Arab Leipzig star Timo Warner will look good in a club like Liverpool.

Werner, 24, is involved in a move by Premier League leaders, scoring two goals in three games for Leipzig this season.

The former Leipzig coach and now the head of Red Bull’s game and development wants Rangini Warner to stay, but he thinks Liverpool will be in favor.

“The league is no less important, but from a purely speculative point of view I would like to see him better with a club that is not necessarily defined by ball possession football,” he told Bill.

“Since Timo has progressed under Julian Nagelsman, his most important weapons, however, have been the fast switching movement and his strong ending.

“Therefore, he could rather fit a club like Liverpool, which is similar to our style of play, but I would like him to be here.”

Warner has enjoyed four strong seasons at Arab Leipzig, netting six times in 150 games for the club since joining from Stuttgart in 2016.

Rangnik says Germany has decided to take its future to the international.

“In the end, it’s Timor who decides what he wants to do. Here in Leipzig he knows what he has,” he said.

“Here he will be able to play in the Champions League again next year.”

Rangnik added: “And Timo is someone who needs confidence. He can only understand if the trainer concerned knows him and relies on him.”