“We are really together in this,” ISL star Rainier Fernandes called for solidarity.


Retrieved 15 May 2020, 18:34 IST

ISL side Mumbai City FC has issued a call for solidarity during the outbreak of COVID-19“/>
ISO side calls for solidarity during Mumbai City FC COVID-19 outbreak

The outbreak of the coronavirus over the past few months has taken India abruptly and plunged the country into a major conflict. Sports events like the IPL have been postponed indefinitely and there is a question mark over the start date of the 2020-21 season of the ISL.

There are thousands of cases in countless cities, including metropolitan areas like Delhi and Mumbai, which have brought life to a standstill. So, at this point, one often seeks inspiration from any potential source.

And, ISL Club Mumbai City FC He has tried his best to reduce the tension by calling for rallies for solidarity.

On May 14, 2020, the ISL organization released an inspirational video on their official Instagram handle, telling people to stay together (metaphorically) and fight the deadly coronavirus. In the video, they can enjoy the faithfulness of the islands and the way they have captured Mumbai City FC as the elite of ISL.

More importantly, the ISL team tried to remind people of the good times by hinting that they would come to the end despite the current situation because they thought otherwise.

On this occasion, Rainier Fernandez and two big stars of the ISL side Sarthak Golui Exclusive chat Sportskeeda. The pair discussed how important it is to discuss that each person has played their part in overcoming the outbreak.

ISL star Rainier has urged people to look for each other

Rainer talks about finding each other (Image credit: ISL)“/>
Rainer talks about finding each other (Image Credit: ISL)

Renee Fernandes, a boy from Mumbai and through her, urged people to look for each other and give each other the patience they need for the tide during this time.

“Worldwide, doctors, nurses, law enforcement and all the authorities, they are fighting around the clock to help us. At such times, we also need to look for each other. People have been brave, they have shown unprecedented determination and now we need to be more united than ever. Stay with your family, call your friends and loved ones once. Let us support and help each other in this difficult time. The ISL star said, we are really in it together Sportskeeda.

Successful people are asked to support fighters who are fighting Cavid-19 (Credit: ISL)“/>
The successful man was asked to support the fighters fighting with Warrior-19 (Credit: ISL)

Meanwhile, Sarthak Golui cited the importance of the location inside the house and the strength to the fighters who went to try to alleviate the outbreak.

“The current situation is not normal in India and anywhere in the world. Millions of people are affected physically, mentally, financially or emotionally. However, we have the ability to help prevent the spread of the virus. If we decide to get together, we can overcome any challenge. Let us all be responsible citizens, let us sit at home and support the brave KVID fighters in this world war, ”he said.

At the moment, no city in India is affected by COVID-19 like Mumbai. The country’s commercial capital has witnessed about 15,000 positive developments and unfortunately this number has been on an upward trend in recent weeks. So, this hint from Mumbai City FC on the ISL side brings a message of solidarity that the club speaks out about the values ​​it has.

Despite the current turmoil in India, the sport boasts of its power to shape life and work as a silver lining. After all, the world really hopes at the end of the dark tunnel and masses into a potential light, doesn’t it?