“Weight loss twice a month affects him”


Retrieved 10 May 2020, 23:08 IST

Dana White and Tony Ferguson (Image courtesy - youtube.com)“/>
Dana White and Tony Ferguson (Image courtesy – youtube.com)

Tony Ferguson He is a true warrior and he is blessed with a granite chin. During the clash against his main event Justin Gothze A. UFC 249 On Saturday night, Ferguson literally took some bombs in his face, but the word release does not seem familiar with “El Cucui.”

Speaking at a post-war press conference, UFC President Dana White called Ferguson a “special man” because he could endure such an incredible amount of punishment at the hands of Gaethez and could still resign.

Ferguson suffered heavy weight loss, White believes

But White further notes that Ferguson has not become normal on his own inside the octagon, and he thinks it may have something to do with the horrific weight loss he made in order to build weight for the interim title fight.

“I don’t want to take anything away from Gothze, because he fought incredibly hard. But I thought Tony would look for me tonight. I thought he was slowing down, and I have to assume that losing weight twice a month will affect you. So I don’t know if it’s what or what. The man is not human. He’s got a chin. Nobody takes Gaethji’s punches that way – since I’ve been watching Gaethez fight, no one has. “

Gaitheze dominated the entire fight, landing some brutal shots at Ferguson that delayed him exposing him in the fifth inning, a tough job referee Herb Dean’s move that made Ferguson’s head sway and shake his legs back was enough to thrill the main event time.

Although there is no controversy about stopping because Ferguson was punished dangerously during the fight, White revealed that the former UFC fighter Chuck Liddell Dean expressed his dissatisfaction with the stoppage, calling it “early”.

“Chuck Liddell blew me away saying it was a terrible stop and it’s crazy. I think the fight could have been stopped a little sooner. Tony tonight took a lot of damage from a guy who hit like a truck, a guy who hit very hard and Usually people get knocked unconscious when they hit people. I think that can be done “”