What is Fortinet Storm Surge?


Retrieved 23 May 2020, 16:49 IST

Fortenate Storm Encouragement (Image Credit: u / TheShadesofNate)“/>
Storm Intensity in Fortinet (Image Credit: u / TheShadesofNate)

An element that is rare, most casual Fortnite player bases don’t even know about it. Name Storm Surge.

What exactly is Storm Surge in Fortnite?

Understand the meaning of the storm intensity in Fortanite (Image credit: Fortnitcash 13)“/>
Understanding the meaning of the storm intensity in Fornite (Image credit: Fortnitcash 13)

The bottom line is that storm intensity is a simple in-game mechanism that leaves a lot of players alive in the final zone. The Fortnite players who dealt the least damage to the opponent were the first to suffer the intensity of the storm in the Firstnit.

Mechanics are so rare that most casual Fortnite player bases can never feel it in their lobby. As mentioned earlier, Fortnite storms occur when there are too many players left in the final zone (running circles).

If you’ve ever streamed the top players in a competitive Fortnite event, you’ll see the storm-inspired kick in almost every game, as many players have taken their place in the final game.

Here’s how Storm Surge was introduced with the patch v6.31 in Formanet

If a certain amount of players remain after the end of the storm, the intensity of a storm will be activated. The minimum amount of loss during the match is the amount of loss to the players

  • Circle 1: 60 players
  • Circle 2: There are 44 players
  • Circle 3: 30 players
  • Circle 4: There are 20 players
  • Circle 5: There are 16 players
  • Circles :: There are 14 players
  • Circle 7:12 has players
  • Circle 8: There are 6 players
  • Circle 9: 2 players

How can you avoid Storm Surge at Fortnite?

The best way to stay out of the way of damage (in this case the way of the storm) is to make sure your player loses throughout the game.

Remember, Fortnite is nothing about “shooting” or “surviving”. It is a combination of both.

As you move into the safe zone, look for opponents who are approaching you, deal with damage if possible, and stay covered to avoid receiving it.