When Milan was the king of Europe


Retrieved 08 May 2020, 12:30 IST

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Roberto Baggio and Franco Beresi

Former Italy and Milan center-back Franco Beresi, widely regarded as one of the best defenders of all time, celebrated his 60th birthday on Friday.

In addition to being one of the best backlines in European football, Mauro Tasotti, Alessandro Costakurta and Paolo Maldini have never been seen, besides being a glorious actor at heart, Baresio was a famous leader.

Five of the six Serie A titles he won in his three-decade-long Milan career came as captains.

Rossoni’s exploits on the European stage under Arigo Sacchi and then Fabio Capello were also exceptional.

During the seven-year spell, Milan, led by Baresi, reached the European Cup and five of the Champions League finals, winning three. Here we look back at how those showpieces were unveiled.

1989 – Milan 4-0 Steaua Bucharest

Twenty years after their second, Camp Nou in Milan had a third European title courtesy of their Dutch masters.

Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten came close to making it 2-0 in the first half. A great touch from the edge of the box and a 3-0 lead before the strike interval and Van Basten went for a measured throwball from Frank Rizcard to finish the route shortly after half-time.

1990 – Milan 1-0 Benfica

A year later Saki’s men in Vienna seem to be getting tougher, Van Basten’s clever pass was the eventual change of role without Rizkard scoring the goal in the th৮ th minute.

Baresi and his defensive backs face another clean sheet, with Milan being the last team to win the European Championship from behind, before Real Madrid failed to score three runs in a row between 201 and 201.

1993 – Marseille 1-0 million

In a very memorable final moment for Rizkard, Tulsi Bali climbed on top of him in the corner in the 43rd minute at the Olympiastadion in Munich.

Milon, unbeaten in the undefeated top-flight season of 1993-92, has now won the Milli Serie C under Capello only twice. However, they are not finding any response in the recently re-branded Champions League final.

1994 – Milan 4-0 Barcelona

With the exception of suspended Baresi and Costa Cuarta, Florin Radusiou, Jean-Pierre Papin and Brian Loudrop have been ruled out of the UEFA competition due to three non-national rules, giving a few chances to Milon against Johan Cruyff’s star-studded Barcelona. Van Basten and record signer Gigi Lentini were also seriously injured.

However, Daniel Masaro fired a first-half first-half shot to defeat Dejan Sabesivic and Marcel Deselli in a thrashing that marked the end of Bar বারa’s distorted dream team.

1995 – AJAX 1-0 million

As shown in the final of the previous year, all dynasties must end at one stage. And in Baresi’s latest Champions League final, Louis van Gaal’s lively young Ajax team took pride.

Teen Patrick Cluvert came on the bench with a five-minute time net tied to the winner and Rizcard – the experienced chief among the young stars – took pride in the expense of his former employers.