When the Indian women’s Kabaddi team won the hearts for the hijab gesture

  • During the final of the 20 Asian Games, an Iranian team wore a striking hijab, the next time the Indian team won the hearts of what it did.
  • Indian women Kabaddi team won gold at the 2014 Asian Games.


Modified 14 Apr 2020, 12:18 IST

India and Iran face final in 28 Asian Games“/>
India and Iran face in the final of the 20 Asian Games

The importance of athletics in the sports world is unmatched. Tensions between the two groups, with the addition of plays, have gone a long way in bringing fans closer to the game.

Ms Dhoni let the youngsters win the trophy, helping Grant Elliott Dale Steyn to stand on the sidelines after the World Cup semifinal, one of the most memorable moments for cricket fans.

Likewise a story in Indian sports, which saw Indian women’s Kabaddi team Winning hearts in a generous way during the 25 Asian Games in Incheon.

The way to the finals is the way of domination

The women’s team entered the competition as a defending champion and remained undefeated against Iran’s heavyweight until the clash at the top.

Indian women were dominant throughout the finals and pressured their opponents. During the second half, an Iranian attacker tried to score a point of attack and was thrown out of court by Indian defenders.

However, in the process, the attacker’s hijab was taken off and Indian players quickly covered the rider’s face with their hands in a moment of respect.

After the game, Indian team captain Tejaswini Bai spoke about how the gesture of helping his opponent came inherently.

“We need to respect their religious sentiments. When the hijab fell from his head, we could see his frustration. So it was normal for us to assist him, ”he said.

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