Why Junior Zambia is the most important footballer in Europe, the big league plot is back

Junior Zambia is a name known to a few outside of League 1.

The 23-year-old Montpellier defensive midfielder is now competing as the most important man in European football and is back in action with the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic. It appears to have appeared high in many places, yet it has spread in very small numbers.

French top aircraft Patients with the first disease He was hospitalized last week, put in an artificial coma and given breathing assistance. Agent Frederick Guerra, thank you Radio Tele Luxembourg On Saturday his client “no longer in a coma” and “he’s starting to breathe on his own, so that’s already a good thing”.

Prime Minister Eduardo Philippe, however, instructed the League 1 and League 2 outfits this Tuesday that there would be no sports event until at least September. That announced an earthquake “The 2019/20 season, especially in football, will not be able to start again”

The causes and effects are undeniable.

Dangerous situation in Sambia has been presented as a discipline, but cannot be reported significantly if placed in context. Bundesliga proposed May 9, return, Seri is a start May 4 Individual training And The ‘project resumption’ of the June 9 kick-off Premier League is penciling.

The complexity of his situation and the severity of his symptoms – which anyone would normally stand for as a title of physical health – illustrate the Gordian Knot of medical, moral, legal and economic issues facing the authorities.

Thousands soon begin to count their daily deaths, and there is no guarantee that thousands of fresh cases will be successfully released in their country.

Zambian teammate Andy Delort clearly describes the cognitive impairment caused by any sport to acknowledge its futility in the face of such a contagious crisis.

“We have a team of players on WhatsApp and it really shocks us when we hear this news.” He said RMC Sport Broadcast on Tuesday “I even think it hurts French football.

“We thought the athletes could be saved and there were 23-year-old players who were badly injured. I think this is the drop that ended Dani Tip and the championships are stopping today.

“Junior is much better today than he was three or four days ago. I also want to think about Guy Lfassi, a longtime volunteer at the club yesterday. “

As a result of this month, a normal career began in Zambia before the events. He returned from release by Giant Lyon in his mid-teens, as is abundant, having swelled drastically in lesser leagues up to 2018 2 million in July 2018 before joining the 2011/1 L League 1 champions.

Scattered among the 44 flying at the top of Montpellier in mid-table, Anchorman’s next goal confirmed a goal that he could not make an inch of the column and revealed the scouting reports of a few selected to acquire some of the greatest talent in European football.

Both positive coronavirus tests are not exclusive reservations. Arsenal manager Michael Arteta and Chelsea’s winger Column Hudson-Odoi are examples of high-profile Premier League players; Serie A has two figures with Juventus superstar Paolo DiBalla It is reported to be testing positive for the fourth time in six weeks Since he is fighting to get rid of the condition; And Padburn defender Luca Killian was the first Bundesliga player to contract the disease.

Bayern Munich have strict protocols in training.

Although Sambia stood apart due to the rashes on her, the condition started with three days of severe diarrhea before it affected the lungs.

“His condition is improving day by day,” said Laurent Niclin, president of Montpellier. Also believe RMC Sport. “We kissed him, all the players supported him.

“It hit the team last week. Everyone asked the question of their own recovery when it happened.

“The Prime Minister has dispelled all these suspicions for my staff, who were concerned about the situation.”

Zambia, at least publicly, has been uniquely integrated into the big leagues.

There must always be foreigners. Why big tournaments will be held again when other sections of society, Also judged not to be risky, Returning to work?

This was in response to Liga President Javier Tevez’s Liga 1 choice.

He said: “I don’t understand why it would be more dangerous to play football behind closed doors with all the precautions than to work on a parliamentary line or go on a fishing boat on the high seas.”

This position was further verified in March by U.S. Disease Control and Prevention Statistics which showed it The 20-44 age range includes 14.3 percent hospital admissions, two percent in emergency care and 0.1% mortality. Many of these had one or more underlying conditions.

Progressive knowledge also proves it Angus Douglas of Chelsea He was one of the handful of footballers who died a century ago When the Spanish flu, much more deadly than the coronavirus, died within 50 m-100 m worldwide.

Still, it would be interesting to consider Zambia’s symptoms as one-off.

Organizations and governments must navigate an ethical puzzle when it comes to allowing the resumption of football.

Taiwan and South Korea, for example, only allow new double-digit or fewer daily new cases to be recorded.

The field at Brighton and Hove Albion has been opened to the NHS.

The field at Brighton and Hove Albion has been opened to the NHS.

The Premier League plans to spend 4 million to test 26,000 coronaviruses, According to Daily message. Yet optics is frustrating the initiative as UK healthcare workers fight for testing.

He also has the disturbing fact that Zambia tested “negative and then positive” according to his agent. This is not a bulletproof method.

If he can be influenced, moreover, in such extreme fashions, there is more when the players make repeated physical contact. Possible spit and sweat near each other?

Then there is the possibility of footballers, whenever noticeable or mixed, socially infecting their families once the distance is over.

Manchester United and England’s Wayne Rooney have a strong opinion on this issue.

“I know how I feel: if someone in my family is infected through me because I had to play because I wasn’t safe and they got seriously ill, I have to think hard about playing again.” Wrote the current Derby County Forward Sunday Times

“I will never forgive the authorities. He’s one of thousands of players, but I feel pretty much the same. “

The sides of the Premier League have been briefed about one Six weeks lockdown Among the hotels to finish the tu. A final measure, but when it makes sense Daily message If 2019/20 is blocked, the estimated loss of more than 1 billion across 20 parties.

Bundesliga proposed precautionary measures – in accordance Der Spiegel – Includes wearing a mask during the match. DW The reason for the premature end of the season could cost Germany শীর্ষ 750 million for the top two division clubs.

Michel de Hughes, president of the FIFA Medical Committee, warned against reopening the 2019/20 though.

“My suggestion is to avoid playing competitive football in the coming weeks if possible.” He said BBC Sport

“Try to be ready to start a good competition next season.”

He added: “There is a risk and it is not a risk that has small consequences.

“It could have life and death consequences and that’s why I’ve been very careful and I tell everyone to be very careful before deciding to play again.

“I speak as a medical doctor, I don’t have to speak as a match organizer, but from my medical point of view I would be very skeptical for the moment.”

Coronavirus, obviously, can be cured by footballers and their relatives. An effective approach will prevent financial forgetfulness for many professional clubs.

Zambia, however, brutally shows that European leagues cannot expect to completely eliminate large-scale threats in the short to medium term.

The incredible choice awaits.

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