Why not – Xavi backed Neymar to Barcelona

  • Neymar has a connection with returning to Barcelona and calls Xavi Forward one of the best in the world.


Modified April 14, 2020, 06:12 IST

Neymar while in Barcelona

Barcelona’s great Javi hopes Neymar has returned to Camp Nou, saying he has no doubt about the quality of the forward.

Almost three years after leaving Paris Saint-Germain’s club, Neymar joins the return of the La Liga Giants.

Javi saw no reason not to return to the Brazil international and said that his former teammate was among the best in the world.

“Why not? I have no doubts in terms of soccer and I live in a locker room with him and he seems to be a great person to me,” Al-Saad told Coach DiMarzio in a YouTube interview.

“He was a professional here in Barcelona and would make a difference.

“Then there’s the social, bureaucratic thing. I don’t go there. But on the field, he’s in the top five in the world.”

Inter-forward Lutero Martinez has joined another Barcelona player

Javi praised Argentina’s international standards: “I like him. Who doesn’t?

“He stands up well, he gives depth, he plays with little space to play. Bar আগ্রহীa does well if interested.”

Published April 14, 2020, 06:12 IST

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