Why Ray Mysterio is likely to join Kane Velasquez in the WWE


Retrieved 01 May 2020, 11:52 IST

Kane Velasquez and Ray Mysterio“/>
Kane Velasquez and Ray Mysterio

2019 saw the arrival of the former UFC Heavyweight champion Kane Velasquez In WWE, who recently published the company.

Kane Velasquez was introduced to Ray Mysterio at the WWE Universe and he immediately confronted his former UFC opponent Brock Lesnar on SmackDown, which eventually set their match at the Crown Jewels.

Kane Velasquez had only one match in the WWE, against Lesnar in the Saudi Arabian PPV. He lost the match in quick time.

In the latest edition of SportSaida, featuring Corey Gunz and Tom Calhu, the pair talked about a number of issues.

The reason for the Ray Mysterio-Kane Velasquez alliance

When UFC fighter made his WWE debut, Tom revealed why he kept Misterio with Velasquez.

“Ray Mysterio wasn’t there for a long-running story with Kane Velasquez, he told Ray Mysterio fans that this guy is good too, you should support him,” he was there to give an initial boost to popularity. One of the reasons he was in the role was because of the longevity and the variety of passion he wanted to bring with that nationality and high flight style – he brought in a lot of fans that WWE doesn’t automatically meet, that’s why in the cruiserweight division they’re always specific people. Tried to push Andred as the next big Hispanic wrestler.

Tom even talks about Mysterio’s son Dominic, who summarizes Mysterio’s disagreement with Lesnar and prepares himself for a career in the ring.

I’m not sure when it comes to Dominic. Much has gone back and forth. People were so excited to see Dominic in a wrestling ring and we’re here and it still hasn’t happened. It is very confusing to me that we are where we are. “

In the same podcast they also talked about what Velasquez did that led people astray in the WWE and Three big mistakes that led to his release.