‘Win, win again’, FC Goa coach Juan Ferrando outlines ISL’s ambitions


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 17:42 IST

Juan Ferrando outlines his ambition to win ISL“/>
Juan Ferrando outlined his ambition to win the ISL

In most cases of the 2019-20 ISL campaign, FC Goa Spiritually represented a party that clicked in gear and this is one that blends all the records on the way to an unprecedented ISL victory. Nevertheless, the dismissal of Sergio Lobera in February 2020 put their season in jeopardy.

Although Gaur was able to stop To it And Bangalore FC’s ISL threatens to seal table top spot, their campaign rather spectacularly unwrapped Chennai FC ISL semifinals.

Inevitably, Sergio Lobera revolved around countless questions about the shooting, with many wondering if the timing was really right, especially within the possible record-breaking term.

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Lobera was fired from mid-February 2020“/>
Lobera was sacked from mid-season in February 2020

As a result, all eyes have shifted to the off-season, where the 2018-19 ISL runners-up were tasked with finding a suitable replacement for the Spaniard. And after months of negotiations, FC Goa unveiled another Spaniard aka Juan Ferrando, hoping to blend this element with Gaudas ’irresistible style.

On May 20, 2020, the head coach of the ISL team spoke to the media, where he confidently outlined his ambitions, confidently questioning that nothing more would happen than victory.

“Win, win and then win again. We’re talking football so sometimes it doesn’t. In the end, football is all about results. If you have good results, everyone is happy. But I think if you play good football you will definitely win a lot of matches. I hope we can do well in the ISL and the AFC Champions League. ”

Apart from these, the Spanish also said that he wanted to continue his work in his homeland. However, Ferrando said he was not too adamant about his philosophy.

“I looked at the players and I look forward to continuing to do the same. Players have a good mentality of attack and good quality. My approach is to assist the players. I’m not the kind of coach who has his own system and tells everyone to stick with it. Players are heroes and I like to get the freedom of my players. In the end, it’s about the players and I’m not too strict about my model, ”Juan Ferrando said.

Not surprisingly, the Spaniard also took the time to talk about the players he was looking forward to working with. Although he did not mention too many names, he said he wanted to take the players to higher levels.

“Now is the time to continue working with current and future players. We are not thinking about position. “I think players like Lenny can do more with their talent and I need to help them reach that level,” he told Ferrando.

Ferendo Leni Rodriguez is a higher-ups“/>
Fernando hopes to take Lenny Rodriguez even higher

FC Goa topped the ISL league standings in 2019-20

FC Goa came out on top in the ISL League standings, which means Gaur have signed themselves for the group stage of the AFC Champions League. More notably, the ISL team became the first Indian team to take part in a continental competition.

And, Juan Ferrando denied the opportunity to shrug his shoulders with the Asian elite, emphasizing how the great quality displayed in the AFC CL will help Indian football.

“The AFC Champions League is very important. Not just for FC Goa, but for the whole of India. There you will find 90% of the best teams in Asia and the best players in Asia. FC Goa has a great opportunity to play in this championship, in a good stadium and against a good opponent. It is very exciting for us. It’s very exciting for me too. I have experience UEFA Champions League And UEFA Europa League Also. So, the AFC is waiting for the Champions League, ”said ISL club head coach Md.

Ferrando has previously run in the UEFA Europa League“/>
Ferendo has previously managed the UEFA Europa League

Additionally, Juan Ferrando introduced 3 + 1 foreign rules in the AFC Champions League, something that will not be managed in ISL. However, instead of looking at the control with skepticism, he investigated how it could benefit Indian players and allow these talents to agree with the platform to showcase their talents.

Moreover, how he can help local academy teams establish a strong core that will be effective ISL Club for years

“This is a great opportunity for Indian players [AFC 3+1 rule]. All good clubs have a good academy system. FC Goa is a big club and they need a good academy. They need players not only for the first players, but also for the youth teams. Day by day, the future of FC Goa or any club related to it is in the hands of his academy. In my opinion, the big clubs in India like it Kerala Blasters, Mumbai City FC, Have good academies and perhaps this is the future of Indian football, ”Ferrando said.

However, despite an impressive upward trajectory scaling in the ISL in 2012-2016, FC Goa could now lose some of their big stars. To keep things in perspective, Ahmed Jahoh, Mandar Rao Desai And Murtada Fal is expected to relocate to Mumbai City FC, where its future Return Kariminus Is on the air. Carlos Pena, meanwhile, is hanging his boots, meaning the ISL outfit is also on the market for a central defender.

Regarding quizzes about the problems that any new director may face when dealing with such issues, the Spaniard commented that these exits were a part and parcel of football to act as a coach to ensure that players grasp his ideas during coaching. He gave more details about how he worked.

“We have a new message in training, in every task and in every session. We use lots of videos and lots of details. In football, players can understand these ideas if you repeat things in training. In the pre-season, you’re working on these things and footballers are always thinking about football. You can get work on attack and defensive details. So, as a coach, it’s worthwhile for me to put these things into practice, “Ferrando commented.

Ferrando FC hopes to take Goa to their first ISL title“/>
Ferrando would expect FC Goa to win their first ISL title

Although at the moment, a pre-season seems far away, considering the prevalence of the novel coronavirus. However, whenever football resumes, one can expect Juan Ferrando to burn the oil at midnight as they try to create a winning formula for FC Goa as they hope to finish their ISL hoodoo.

After all, most teams in the ISL have not provided as much entertainment to neutrals as FC Goa. And, by that garden, all that is left is an ISL crown to adorn that journey; Juan Ferrando Something is going to happen.