With Bauman’s help, Brain Boss Kohfelt led the way for survival


Retrieved 18 May 2020, 03:22 IST

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Warder Bremen boss Florian Kohfelt

Warder Bremen boss Florian Kohfelt has gained time-honored confidence as he bid to move the Bundesliga mainstream away from relegation danger.

Bremen have played in Germany’s top flight since 1981-8, but their situation is under serious threat after only four wins in the opening 24 games of the season.

They are 17th in the 18-team league title in Monday’s home fixing against fifth-placed Bayer Leverkusen and have the match to save themselves in 10 games.

Frank Baumann, the club’s sports director, emphasized that the players had the ability to survive and said: “What I said about the team is especially true for coaches.

“I am loyal to him. I am sure that with his quality and his work he is the perfect coach for this team, this situation and this club.”

Kohfelt, 37, replaces Alexander Nuri and has been in charge of Bremen for two and a half years.

A player who did not get a club name due to a positive test of a close-knit Covid-19 was hit by a coronavirus in his brain after being counted in their immediate plans.

As a result the player had to be isolated, and Bauman said: “I am not entirely surprised that it is possible for any family member to be infected with COVID-19.

“We immediately notified the public health department. The family members of the players could have voluntarily tested and many of them did. That way the infection could be detected very quickly.”

“The action taken by the health department can be taken very quickly. The family goes into separation.

“The most important thing is that the person concerned is feeling well. And it won’t affect us because of the player’s negative test. That’s why it’s very positive.”