Women leadership and the new generation are shining through the combined efforts of general leadership

On Tuesday, Manchester City and Scotland star Caroline Weir joined the Common Goal movement

The general goal reached a milestone on Tuesday – 150 players or managers signed up to the charity movement.

Manchester City and Scotland star Caroline Weir pledged one per cent of her earnings to sports companies.

Led by Manchester United’s Juan Mata and Street Football World, Common Goal was launched in 2013 – a project funded by charities around the world, raising more than 2 2 million.

Mother, Liverpool manager Jগrgen Klopp, head coach of Leipzig Julian Nagelsman, UEFA president Alexander Seferin, Bayern Munich forward Serge Janabri, Juventus defender Giorgio Chilini and Borussia Dortmund. The first professional club involved was FC Nordseland

But it is the women – the American women stars Alex Morgan and Megan Rapino – led by women and the new generation, led by 1-year-old Real Madrid youth team players Bruno Iglesias and Wolfsburg’s Java Schlager.

While the conventional goal has come a long way since its inception, the organization has not relied on its reputation for tackling “the biggest social challenge of our time” and seeing a concerted effort.

“We’ve reached 150 and it’s a woman, twenty-four years old, playing for Manchester City, she already has more than 70 caps for her country, she’s doing her degree, she’s a very smart woman, she’s a great footballer,” said Ben, one of the founders of Common Goal. Miller reported the status quo. “It’s extremely significant but it’s again a woman or female leadership that shines with conventional goals.

“This team of professionals has a huge variety of players and it’s really a reflection of football. Yes, Chileni, Hummels, Ganabri and Klopp are there, and Casey Stony, Alex Morgan and Megan Rapino are there but there are second and third division players and that’s what it was like.

“Football is like a triangle, not many at the top. The funny thing about female members is that most women are at the top of their profession, at the top of the triangle. If you look at male membership, there are a significant number of high-profile players who have great faith in the model. .

“If we work as a team, we can make a significant contribution to making the world a better place through football, a process that is transparent and high-impact and involved in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, so there is clarity. Track towards 2030. We are all very ambitious to see this work, but a tipping point There is a way to go before reaching us, but it’s not where you’re athlete is really a common thing. “

“To start with a single player, and now it’s 150, yes, it’s amazing,” he added. “However, one percent of what the football industry achieved last year will be 400 million and there are a lot of football players out there. I’m happy but we need to keep it up and explain how easy it is. It’s not one thing or another. The way it will work is the combined power I’m happy but we still have a long way to go and I think these signs are important because they Adera encourages to continue.

The Common Goal has formed the COVID-19 Response Fund, supported by the UEFA Foundation for Children, following the defeat of the global coronavirus epidemic during the organization’s time.

“It’s not reinventing the wheel, it’s using the existing network of football-based community projects that are at the heart of the community that will be most affected by Covid-19,” Miller said. “For example, Caroline Ware will donate her grant to the Feedback Fund. Ex-existing members, who are approaching the end of the year and will make another grant, may also choose to include it in the COVID-19 Fund. You do not have to be a general target member to participate. Can donate.

“The idea was met with an immediate response, but in order to provide long-term support, organizations need to be re-established. All programs, people, food and medical care, basic survival … will help empower young boys and girls.”

The conventional goal though is not without a challenge to the challenge and confidence in the football world towards charities without Klopp making this pledge in front of a star-studded crowd during the FIFA Best Football Awards in September. However, no one has communicated or wanted to know about the general goal since the announcement in Milan.

With 90 per cent of the grants going directly to the charity, compared to 50 per cent in many cases for other charities, Miller believes in what ordinary members are building, thanks to its members – several players donated more than one per cent.

“You have a 16-year-old child [Iglesias], Who decided not to wait until Real Madrid’s first team and senior Spain team, but he is going to do it now. Wherever he goes, he’s going to make this part of his journey, ”Miller continued.

“It gives me an incredible amount of confidence in the future that this new, younger generation of people who are taking this word for granted will leave. They will not wait until they reach a certain level and allow people to create them. Decision Because making this decision is a fundamental part of who they are as human beings.

Miller added: “This is the first time in our lifetime that the crisis in the real world has really penetrated the bubbles of elite football players. They have never been affected by anything before. Because there are millions of displaced people here. But many are not easy and this is their criticism No, it’s just that the earth they live on is extremely insulating.

“We’re all in the same boat. We’re all the same – that’s the basic message. If I don’t think about you, you don’t think about me, we don’t think about what’s happening in Australia, Spain or the United Kingdom, then we’re in any crisis. We don’t have a chance to deal with what I’m dealing with. “