World’s best center-back: Virgil van Dijk joins Rafael Baran in Tier 1

The emphasis on the declining relevance of center-backs has been uncontrollably dismissed in the past 12 months.

The worship of attacking the idols of the past decade has fallen short and caught a holistic view. It is now clear that there is more to success at the highest level – than the capture of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

It has reached its peak at affordable prices for ‘Virgil van Dijk’ in Liverpool and the Netherlands. But other spectacular, large numbers of footballers are found at the center of some of Europe’s greatest aspects.

It’s been 12 months since we last released our Teard Rankings, and as we get the climb from Tier 4 to Tier 1 here, we now test eight of the world’s best center-backs.

The players’ talents, fame and stats have been measured over the past year by their form – thanks Wyscout, Add up Opta – Used as a guide.

Tear 4

Kalidou Koulibale

There was no dispute over the No. 1 defender of 2018/19 in Serie A

The 21-year-old Coulibaly was glorious as Napoli finished second under Carlo Ancelotti. The condition was expected to be even larger, with the addition of Roma and Greece center-back Costas Manolas this summer.

Nevertheless, the institutional disguise that the club fell into in the early months of this term impressed them most with their sudden uncertain leading light.

The Senegal international’s own last-minute goal against Juventus against the Red Bull Salzburg in the Champions League group stage and a special lighthouse for the one who was locked in Tier 1 in our inaugural edition.

Coolbilly’s strong defensive stats, in broad terms, have stagnated from 2018 / 19-2019 / 20. It is a new concept of loss and anxiety that has defined this tumultuous season.

Is there more to come from him, or are we witnessing the inevitable collapse of outstanding performers at once?

Harry Maguire

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire.

Manchester United’s cure for conservative illness was not short.

The 54-year exemption of 2018/19 – the highest since 1978/79 – has sparked manager Ole Gunnar Sulsquare and executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward for decisive action. The recruitment was headlined by English center-back Maguire from Leicester City with a world-record £ 85 million addition.

An uncertain start to Crystal Palace saw an error in the first-home defeat, and a 13-match run in the Premier League also played a role in the recognition. Fast forward to the suspension last month, however, as the figure changed dramatically.

United have kept nine clean sheets since January’s call for a permanent captain and have conceded only six goals. It helped extend the unbeaten run of the match that left them at the edge of their Champions League qualification.

Very few center-backs made such an impact – and the 27-year-old elegant Yorkshireman could certainly improve.

Tier 3

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

Say ‘hello’ to the bad guy …

At 34, Ramos – amazingly – was not the force of nature he once was. A ‘Inch perfect’ The back pass sent Willian Jose to goal for Real Sociedad in November, when Villarreal headed the wrong way to the Los Blancos for a draw early in Villarreal’s season.

But there is no doubt about his continued status as a totem for any party in the mix of La Liga glory. Madrid, moreover, have conceded the minimum goals of any side of Europe’s ‘Big-Five League’ with 27 of their 27 matches played.

Ramos has even managed to control his wild side. The only red card to be collected since April 27 was Kevin De Bruyne’s first leg of the Champions League Round-16 in February, after making it 2-1 in Manchester City.

Ramos recorded the second highest 2019/20 minutes for Los Blancos, easily removing the challenge from Brazil for $ 50 million – center back Eder Milita. He is also their seven-goal, second-top scorer.

Hold on to the hype about any player specializing in the ninth-gen version at FIFA FIFPro Men’s World 11.

Dioat sublimated

BeFunky-Collage (1)

A glittering starlet illuminates the center of the Leipzig rearguard.

Bundesliga’s combined-crooked defense at the age of 21 makes it impossible for Subamecano’s performance to meet expectations. These are the highest qualities, with a persuasive icing 60m release clause and Of the bild Report your intention to quit, The summer of France tells a potential story of summer.

Then why random? Every aspect of the submake drama has been confirmed; From exposure to strength, the ability to respond to potential danger, the agility of his passing and the positivity of the dribbling that picks up Leipzig.

The next 12 months could feature a big money raise for the European club football classification and Les Blias’ senior debut. After which will he be on a tear?

Tier 2

Imeric Lapert

Lapert (1)

The scope of Lapart’s power is vastly vious.

Athletic Bilbao found a $ 57 million fee paid in January 2018 was relatively cheap. The 25-year-old has the physicality to stand up against any buffering from the Premier League’s solid center forward, also an artist on the ball.

Lapert’s final day at Brighton and Hove Albion, with a 4-1 lead, kept the city firmly on the road to the 2018/19 crown. A couple of devastating mistakes in a quarter-final Champions League quarter-final against Tottenham were a great portfolio player.

There is a significant caveat. Leaport was fit enough to record just 508 minutes on the top flight of 2019/20 after knee and hamstring issues.

The absence revealed a critical weakness in City’s back line and denied Lapert a second chance to earn his first France cap. To further exacerbate his impact, he had the most passes in the Premier League until his first injury in August (324).

A clean bill of health is one of Lapert’s great successes in the years ahead.

Stefan de Borge

BeFunky-Collage (3)

The most hyped member of the Milan Scribner’s Inter Milan backline, Diego Godin is the most respected and Alessandro Bastoni is the most optimistic.

This is the Netherlands’ de Vries, which is undoubtedly the most important now.

The 28-year-old’s tactical mind is perfectly matched with head coach Antonio Conte, who has effectively played as a sweeper in the three-man rearguard, which is the second-most average of Serie A’s.

De Vries leads Serie A in scoring per game for blocks (0.9) and rebounds (3.7). The search for Belgian center forward Romelu Lukaku against Sassuolo and the return of three assists highlighted by a skillful pass gave the club a combined-third best, while his staffing header helped send Inter against an unforgettable 4-2 derby win. AC Milan.

Conte has worked with the best defenders of the 21st century – De Vries can now be added to this list.


Rafael Baran

BeFunky-Collage (2)

Are there more undefeated players than Baran?

The flamboyant, fast-lit 26-year-old continues to talk about his business in Madrid, delivering ice next to Ramos’ blazing fire.

A natural environment perfectly suited to the favorite XI of France’s legendary Zinedine Zidane, with the former captaining the aforementioned captain and Buccaneer right-back Danny Carvajal.

The previous cycle had third-consecutive Champions League and World Cup 2018 wins. On an individual basis, however, there is real progress for 2019/20.

A respectable number has been registered. That includes an 86-per-cent success rate, a percentage-of-air success rate compared to 3 passes per La Liga game, proving he has a soft touch and a dominant role in defense that he has only acknowledged 3 times.

Improving stability, further, before the Coronavirus intervention – and for the second time – sent him to play top flight games for the second time.

Madrid’s unfortunate first spring – yet standing alone – has raised hopes of domination at home and abroad. This should not detract from the lasting glory of Barani.

Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk

The best got better.

After Van Dijk’s first full campaign went red – then – the world record £ 75m transfer from Southampton ended in the 2018/19 Champions League. Multiple individual honors were highlighted by the second place rights at the 2019 Ballon d’Or.

The idol of the Netherlands has been inspired by Liverpool’s success on the first top-flight title since the emergence of the Coron virus from 9/11, the Netherlands’ international temperament, expert reading, powerless speed, accuracy in possession and unbeatable presence in the air.

Significant statistics continue to be recorded. Van Dijk made the Premier League’s most accurate pass (2,26), won the second best atrial average per defender (4.1), and scored a combined top goal among defenders (four).

Anyone looking for Van Dijk to separate from the rest to send Sadio Mind clear against Bournemouth must study last month’s inch-perfect, deep throttle. It was to handle Xavi or Zidane.

A modern great, no doubt, is located in Anfield.

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