World’s best full backs: Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ashraf Hakimi lead in Tier 1

The full-back role has been completely re-imagined in recent years.

For some elites, the position has become necessary for the attack to be staged, and it is now occupied by players who have the most technical skills.

The demands on both sides of the ball are enormous, with a lot of responsibility for moving the quality forward, but also hard work and contrast.

At this point we have risen from a full-backed position to being witnessed by some of the world’s best players and by nature this means understanding the best, not an easy task.

We recently released our Teard Rankings, 12 months have passed and here we are currently examining eight of the best backs in the world, from Tier 4 to Tier 1.

Players have, by their form, been measured by the reputation used as talent, statistics and guides over the past year.

Tear 4

Juan Bernat (Paris Saint-Germain)

The left-back Valencia Conveyor Belt found that Bernat Jordi Alba, Alex Grimaldo and Jose Gaia, who rose from the Lonas Chea production line, will join.

But it was only during the last 12 months that the crowd rose.

He captured Levin Kurzawa at PSG and made the left-back slot on Thomas Tuchel’s system, requiring a combination of quick tactics on the ball and a strong work ethic.

The 27-year-old has been heavily underrated because his style is a bit more subtle. He is extremely clever on the ball and his passing allows his teammates to open up and easily do their next move.

This sensible position creates an open space for others and sharpens the way he is moving to capture the defenders of the opposition.

He is one of the most accurate passing-backs in Europe at 5 percent, and he also added six assists.

Defensive liability in the past, he has improved in all areas of his game, from the Ariel Duel of 202/22.

Aaron One-Bisaca (Manchester United)

BeFunky-Collage (89)

‘The Spider’ goes down, but as the offensive power continues to evolve, he will rise even higher over the next few years.

An outstanding one-on-one defender, Wan-Bisaka almost lured the wingers by catching him out of position to keep his sparkling pace and time away from dealing with the highest ball.

It looks like his legs have giant knives and a fork that easily stops the attackers so easily. And not just any attacker; Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling is one of the best wide forwards in the world and he has endured a torrid time against United this season.

Defensively Van-Biska is brilliant, needing some refinement with just two assists in his position to move forward. The 22-year-old, however, is already showing signs of improvement in 2020.

Evolution saw this spider become a human in full backs.

Tier 3

Alfonso Davis (Bayern Munich)

BeFunky-Collage (92)

Alfonso Davis has joined the growing crew of elite prospects this season.

The Canadian is one of the best players on the planet, and if any proof is needed, just ask for a Chelsea defense that is intimidated by Davis during his Champions League knockout debut.

This first-round encounter in London saw him billboard his talent around the world. But the 19-year-old has been fascinated since Byrne’s first XI debut last October.

His speed is frightening, moving forward as if the earth is falling behind him. His ability to dribble at speed makes him so dangerous.

He also uses that speed defensively and is more physically strong than he considers as impressive as the winger he has developed.

In fact, his upbringing has been so strong, that a player of David Alba’s quality is now widely advised to move away from Bayern Munich this summer.

Jordi Alba (Barcelona)

BeFunky-Collage (91)

Seeing Alba so infrequently is scary to most people who read it, but Barcelona have suffered a left-back injury for the past 12 months.

In fact, in terms of talent, Alba is one of the best around, but the 4-year-old, physical degeneration has impacted his ability to display it.

Multiple muscular injuries have seen him rotate on three separate occasions, limiting his telepathic combination with Lionel Messi, allowing only one goal and 22 assists in all competitions this season.

Nevertheless, fame counts a lot, especially for a player who provided 13 assists in 2018/19 and averaged seven Liga assists per season from 2015/16 before this promotion.

Aside from the second leg at Anfield, Alba is defensively guarded and is one of the best full backs in terms of running back and providing quality in the box.

Even Andy Robertson still considers him the best left-hander around.

Tier 2

Ricardo Pereira (Leicester City)

BeFunky-Collage (94)

Ricardo Pereira is finally receiving the corruption he deserves.

At the end of last season, the Portuguese showed that he fully consented to Premier League football and relinquished his previous defensive responsibilities while maintaining his furious offensive output.

And as he brings his overall game to another peak in 2019/20, Brendan Rodgers has become an important source of continuity.

His ability to win the field ball is vital to Rogers’ smoothing pressing style. In fact, no Premier League player has more tackles than Pereira (5) and he is the only one on the triple digit this season.

He is within touching distance of the top-10 for breaks (49) and ranked first among defenders for blocked total passes (31).

The previous weakness has become a force and the 26-year-old is still moving forward in his clever self.

No defender was able to dribble (rib৯) or come close to his success (এবং) and his threat even doubled against opponents, freeing up space for attackers to enter the front or inside.

He is also proving a goal scoring threat, scoring four times this season. The only negative is Last month’s match against Aston Villa resulted in serious knee injuries.

Andy Robertson (Liverpool)

BeFunky-Collage (93)

There are a couple of highlight reels linked by a lung-boosting style that will boast a tour de France cyclist.

That’s the player Robertson, though a 90-minute all-action, high-powered machine.

He made up half of the world’s most productive full-back pair alongside Trent Alexander-Arnold, and his ability to cross the devil matched only his team-mates.

Granted, Robertson doesn’t have the same variety as Alexander-Arnold but he is precise and can make a huge amount of dangerous whips on the ball.

And where full backs and better defensive full backs have the chance to attack, there’s no better balance than the score.

He is ending the second-straight season with a double-digit assist, and only Jordan Henderson has more to deal with this term for Liverpool – evidence of binary qualities.

Tier 1

Ashraf Hakimi (Borussia Dortmund)

BeFunky-Collage (96)

It looks like Hakimi will return to Real Madrid next season, but Los Blancos owe him a debt of gratitude for Dortmund’s development over the past two years.

Hakimi was clearly talented but so raw before joining the Black and Yellow in the two season long tale. He will return even more refined.

Hakimi was a soft spot for the flaws when he initially appeared in the Madrid squad, which is naturally expected given his age.

However the Moroccan international is now 21 and flying.

With Hakimi reaching double digits in Bundesliga, only Trent Alexander-Arnold has more help from full backs this season. He also kept his stats with seven goals throughout all competitions.

He is one of Germany’s top flying comfortable fast players, and he regularly uses that acceleration to pin and defensively.

Now, he’s one of the best back attackers, but he still has issues with his defensive qualities.

His midfield assistance provided Henderson to Alexander-Arnold and it could be risky without him.

But he has to pay the price with what he has given Dortmund in the press and attack.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

BeFunky-Collage (95)

By almost every metric, the best full backs in the world.

Alexander-Arnold made the role fashionable as he paraded the silkiness of center-midfield playmaker from right-back.

Neutralize Alexander-Arnold and the teams go a bit further to stop Liverpool. The only thing is that he is virtually impossible to stop.

His range of crossing both feet is royal. He can whip boxes into the box from deep, cross and cut-back with precision from the byline, breaking lines with a pass like Roberto Firmino or playing wide with the diagonal fade of his signature.

The only way to prevent the 21-year-old from writing a play is to push him out of the box as much as possible and this is no easy feat.

His long legs allow him to feed the ground quickly so he is able to recover and defend, and at this defensive level he continues to improve his position and duration of the challenge.

It is tough to find a weakness with the England man nowadays, and given the four top players in Europe’s top five leagues this season (Angel Di Maria, Jadon Sancho, Tomas M এবংller and Kevin De Bruyne), he is proving to be Liverpool’s biggest strength.

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