WWE got 5 things right on this week’s SmackDown (May 1, 2020)

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Retrieved 02 May 2020, 12:08 IST

Daniel Bryan and Bray White were the stars this week.“/>
Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt were the stars of this week’s SmackDown

A week later on RAW and NXT filled with some great stories and matches, SmackDown Delivered a good episode instead which made money towards paid-per-view.

This week’s show will crown the two finalists of the Blue brand who will take part in the Money in the Ladder match next Sunday, Otis Mandy Rose fought Dolph Ziegler in the race against Carmella.

Shiamas was in the middle to make another big impact and followed his match to a fierce brawl. However, The Forgotten Sunshine had the biggest impact of the night as they put a huge mark on the SmackDown tag team division by defeating King Champions The New Day in a title match.

Brown Strowman and Bray White were also involved in a great small part that helped end their match as a counter-visit to MITB.

In this article we’ll take a look at the 5 things WWE found on this week’s SmackDown.

# 5 Sanya Devil’s Build

Mandy Rose wanted to make an impact this week as she was ready to take on Carmella for a chance to land in the Women’s Money in Bank Ladder match on May 10th.

Both women had the opportunity to show their skills and lead the match before taking advantage of a big kick in the face of a car mail.

Once Rose regained control of the match, her nemesis Sonia Devil came to make a great impact in the match. He reminded Rose and the WWE Universe that he had given up his place in last year’s match to Rose and helped him during the match but he still lost.

Devil Rose was ready to land, but Carmella took the opportunity and picked up the win against the confused superstar.

After the match was over, the Devil finally hit the ring and defeated his former best friend. He threw her into the ringside area and the announcement table, finally flattening her on a running knee.

This is the intense division that needed to be imposed on Devil as we have been focusing on Rose for some time. Devil Mike has proven to be great and he is one of the most advanced superstars in the ring. This story could finally help her rise to the top of the SmackDown women’s section by the end of the year.