WWE Money in Bank winner Otis has revealed that he has dyslexia


Retrieved 11 May 2020, 11:11 IST

Otis is the new Mr. Money Money“/>
Otis is the new Mr. Money of the bank

New WWE’s The winning money in the bank Otis Revealed that he has dyslexia and as a result is having difficulty reading things. I’m talking Glory chases Lillian Garcia’s podcast, Otis further stated that he was taken as a child for the way he looked.

Otis talked about his high school problems

Otis revealed that the kids would laugh at him while fighting for reading and he was always made fun of for the way he looked.

“Absolutely [got picked on at school]. I remember, in high school, for example, I’m a well-known jock sportsman in high school, but no one will see me because they did what they did in senior high school – and I’m not trying to say bad things about them, that’s exactly how it came back then, that’s the system. There was – they let sick kids go with disabled kids, they kept them together.

“Only with history will I be in a specific class, where the teacher realizes I have dyslexia and it’s not really a word. [but] I remember as a child, the teacher would say ‘Okay Otis, now it’s your turn to read’ and I was just stuttering, the kids were laughing.

“Yeah, I was always made fun of for the way I looked,” Otis said.

Lillian Garcia then added: “When I sent you some text about the coordination of this interview, [I] I remember you wrote back to me and you said I’m sorry but I have dyslexia so it’s hard for me to get these but my daughter is and she’s helping me. “

Otis won the Money in Bank deal a few hours ago and now has a chance to win the title for the first time in the WWE. Apparently the heavy machinery member member is extremely heartened to see the company overcome the adversity to make it bigger and we want to take him to all the success at Sportside.