WWE News – Drew McIntyre sends a personal gift to Captain Tom Moore on his 100th birthday


Retrieved 28 April 2020, 11:58 IST

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Draw MacIntyre

Not all heroes wear caps and this is certainly on the scene with war veteran Captain Tom Moore. A British army officer who served in his country during World War II has raised a total of কোটি 290 million for the National Health Service (NHS) during the crisis ahead of his 100th birthday.

As a sign of admiration, the WWE Champion reigns Draw MacIntyre Captain Tom Moore has sent a personalized gift to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Sent a personalized gift on behalf of McIntyre’s WWE

The gift is a personalized WWE title with a custom side plate that features a birthday message to the captain and the NHS logo. For the first time, the British WWE Champion wrote.

On behalf of the WWE as the WWE Champion, it is my honor to celebrate the 100th birthday and extraordinary achievement of Captain Tom Moore, who received the personalized WWE title. Happy birthday sir, and thank you.

The WWW has gifted people outside the professional wrestling industry the personalized WWW title to achieve in their field. Whether it’s a movie actor or a basketball team, the NFL or even a cricket team, the company has sent out titles for custom WWE championships on many of their occasions.

McIntyre, on the other hand, appeared in this week’s episode of Money in the Bank to sign a contract for his upcoming match where he fought against the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins. Rollins and McIntyre both signed the deal after which the Scottish psychopath held Rollins’ hand in retaliation for last week’s attack.

Rollins was waiting for McIntyre’s Claymore kick, however Murphy Intervention and Claymore came to an end when Rollins moved away.