WWE News – Floyd Mayweather and Serena Williams want to join company Katakati Superstar


Modified April 22, 2020, 06:19 IST

Floyd Mayweather and Serena Williams“/>
Floyd Mayweather and Serena Williams

New acquisition of RAW roster, Bianca Bella, Was recently interviewed by WWE UK and he discussed various issues including Mark Henry’s role in the organization and his success in others. He was also asked to name the sports personalities at WWE’s EST which he would love to see as a WWE superstar.

Beller chose the legendary tennis player Serena Williams And Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather of undefeated boxing and mentions that if they decide to sign with promotion, they will be able to ‘shake things up’ in the WWE.

“Personality is really charismatic and people will be able to invest, Mayweather will be great. He has a crazy, great background and he will come and shake things up.”

“I also think that someone like Serena Williams can be great. I think as a woman, she’s just as strong and powerful, she can present, and you know, I think she can represent a whole other demographic of WWE fans and audiences.” Think that these two can really move things here. “

Floyd Mayweather and Serena Williams in the WWE?

Over the years, many eminent individuals in the sports world have set foot inside square circles to try their luck. Recently, Of the WWE Universe undefeated boxer Tyson Fury showed Brown wrestling at Crown Jewel, where the former debuted as the winner.

This year’s WrestleMania organizer was Rob Gronkowski and the famed NFL star became the last-time WWE 24/7 Champion. Also on the list are UFC Hall of Famer Ronta Rousey, who jumped ship at WWE and went on to defend her RAW Women’s Championship at the WrestleMania 35 main event.

The funny thing is, Floyd Mayweather In addition to defeating The Big Show in ‘The Show of Show’ at 28, the recordmania match is also on his record, 2008 De-Generation X, among others.

Unlike him, Serena Williams is yet to make her presence known to the WWE Universe. Multiple superstars, including Stephanie McMahon, have expressed their desire to see the legendary tennis player inside the square circle, and we expect Williams to be a part of WWE soon.

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