WWE News – How Drew McIntyre’s Response to Rival Off-Script Recently


20 Apr 2020, 18:13 IST changed

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Draw MacIntyre

Draw MacIntyre There was a written moment that was involved Austin Theory During his win against Andrade in last week’s episode Of the WWE “R”.

Towards the end of the match, McIntyre stood on the ropes while he was ready to throw his opponent over the top rope and to his two allies, Theory and Angel Garza, at ringside.

I’m talking Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory Podcast, The new WWE Champion said that Theory used his venture to grab his foot while turning the referee’s back, though he was not speculated.

“Theory, baby, made a mistake. He was holding my leg at one point, not part of the plan. He caught my foot, which is great. The referee was confused, he took her gut. It was a good heel rice. But I looked around, I stuck him, I went, ‘OK, this is not my first day. I’m going with the flow, you pay for it. “

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Draw McIntyre vs. Andrade

In the words of Scott, Austrian theory was averted by Scott’s words, hitting “the toughest chop I ever gave” and Drew McIntyre introduced Andrade with the top rope.

He also added that Ka’s incoming man, whom he had known for several years, was “very happy” after the show.

From the 03:20 mark of the video above, you can check out Theory’s unstoppable moments and McIntyre’s reaction.