WWE News – Otis sends a heartfelt message to recently released superstars

  • Members of the heavy machinery member paid tribute to his two brothers at the Wrestling world.
  • This is a great gesture from the big guys on both sides.


Changed 18 April 2020, 11:30 IST

Otis pays tribute to his two brothers in the industry“/>
Otis pays homage to his two brothers in the industry

It was a tough week for the Pro Wrestling Industry as WWE released many superstars and returned many of their backstage staff. On the list of those released from the agency were big names like Kurt Angle and Rusev. There was also the list EC3 And Draw Maverick Those are getting a heartfelt message from now on Otis.

The members of the heavy machinery member shared some pictures with the two superstars about how strong their friendship was. He even went on to say that the superstar is “more than a brother.”

You can see the tweet below:

Releases a lot of WWE’s superstars

What many now call Black Wednesday, many of WWE’s talents were forced to loose. Maverick and EC were 3 In Some of those who lost their jobs due to the Covidium-I epidemic have left the world in a panic. Many experts are predicting further releases of WWE.

Maverick Posted by a Video response The former 205 Live GM was in tears when a fan broke his heart to release him. He will be part of the interim cruiserweight championship tournament and has promised to give it his all.

EC3 has undergone a drastic change since its release and is hinting at exploring a different personality. While it is being said that the WWU may bring back the released staff after normal restart, it is still seen that many will be willing to return to the organization.

Published 18 April 2020, 11:30 IST

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