WWE News – Rob superstar wants to be recognized as one of the major players of this time


Modified April 22, 2020, 04:10 IST


The latest acquisition of the RAW roster, Bianca Bella, WrestleMania 3 has been great with the brand since joining the brand. Currently, Bellar’s goal was to win the women’s championship since she was associated with the Red brand, and she did the same while speaking. Of the WWE The UK

WWE’s ESTO also opened up about the company’s ambitions in its future and expressed its interest in winning women’s titles across three major brands.

“The answer to the cliché is if I’m on the RAW to be the RAW women’s champion, or I can be the SmackDown women’s champion at SmackDown or eventually the NXT women’s champion” ”

Bianca Bella ir in the WWE

Although Bianca Belair wants to win the women’s championship, the ultimate goal is to leave her mark in the WWE. Bellaire highlighted how he has evolved to one of its corners NxtIn a short time women want to have a similar impact on the category and the other two brands.

“Sure, I want to be the champion of all three brands at a certain point. But really, I just want to go out and make an impact wherever I am. I said with NXT, I made an impact.”

“When people think about coming back to this era of history, I want to be a name that I popped up as one of the other players regardless of whether I won a match or a hundred. I want to leave a legacy, I want to leave an impact Of course I will in the future. I want to be in the Hall of Famer.

WWE’s EST also said that the Hall of Famer would establish that he left his mark on the wrestling industry. Bellaire revealed that he would like to be considered in the same position Becky Lynch And Charlotte Flair When it comes to making an impact and that will be his ultimate goal in the WWE.

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