WWE News – Sasha Banks Responds to Interesting Fan Theories About Tonight’s Match Results on SmackDown


April 25, 2020, 11:25 IST changed

Lace Evans vs. Sasha Banks“/>
Lace Evans vs. Sasha Banks

Sasha Bank In today’s episode of SmackDown, Square has started against Lace Evans in the qualifying match of W Bank. Banks was her best friend and SmackDown female champion Bailey Who tried to help the Legit boss in his corner.

However, it only made the situation worse for the banks and he lost the chance to Evans to lose the match and be Miss Money.

A fan account of Sasha Banks on Twitter has made theories about an interesting scene about tonight’s match. They reported that the Banks almost won the match when Evans pinned to the mat but the referee focused on becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion due to Bell’s intervention.

As a result, the referee gives Evans enough time to recover and kick out when the count begins.

Naturally, these annoying banks and he told Bele to stay away from the match. However, when the banks turned around, she was equipped with the Women’s Rights that Evans allowed her to cover and win the pinfall.

Banks didn’t have much to say, except for an emoji that we can understand that banks are considering this theory.

Sasha and Bella quarrel with Lassi Evans

Sasha Banks and Belle have been battling Les Evans for the past few months. Things escalated quickly when both Banks and Bailey insulted Evans’ daughter in an episode of SmackDown while watching the match in the first row with Bank.

Banks has continued to bring a paper mark to Evans’ daughter in the ring, along with Mind Games in tonight’s episode. However, that did not stop Evans from scoring his goal as he secured a place in this year’s Money in Bank ladder match.

Money in the bank 2020

This year’s Money in Bank ladder match for both male and female superstars will be held next month at the company’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

What makes this year’s matches unique is that the superstars will have to start from the bottom and fight their way all the way to the roof, where they will have to climb the ‘corporate ladder’ to recover the contracted briefcase.