WWE News – Sasha Banks Tease Huge Match for SummerSlam 2020


Retrieved 25 April 2020, 11:03 IST

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Sasha Bank

Tonight WWE SmackDown, Sasha Banks adopts her arch rival Lace Evans Money in the bank selection match. During the final moments of the match, Banks was close to Evans Pinning, but was distracted by referee Bail.

When the officer returned to count the three, it was too late. Women’s rights finishing things for Banks and Lace Evans got a place in the women’s MITB ladder match.

Banks were not satisfied with how things turned out. Immediately after the match, Banks took to Instagram and posted several pictures. Those who watched tonight’s episode may remember that Banks came up with an offer that featured Evans’ daughter’s face. Banks kept a close eye on his Instagram and added another picture from the past that is similar to the one he brought tonight. The picture in question shows the banks carrying a props plastered with the face of the summer verdict.

The funny thing is that the caption banks have decided to go here. He put a tag on the Boyle with the username “Dead B ** th”. He further wrote in the caption that he can’t wait for summer, followed by the summerslam hashtag.

Belle responded to the post by saying that she would like to go to the beach with the banks during the summer. Banks took a subtle shot at the banks in response, and said he hopes to be able to swim in the sand. Check out the post below:


Not all is well between Bele and Sasha Banks

Tensions between the bank and Bele have been rising for some time. Ever since the two reunited, Banks seems to have made a comeback in the ballet, leaving Smartdown Women on their shoulders.

Fans are speculating about a split between the two somewhere below the line. If the banks ’teases give any indication, we could face two clashes in a blockbuster match at SummerSlam 2020.