WWE News – SmackDown Hacker Updates New Messages, Bio and Location Coordinates


Retrieved 29 April 2020, 00:37 IST

The SmackDown hackers are creating the most Twitter “/>
SmackDown hackers are making the most of Twitter

For the past few months, SmackDown Scattered hostages by a mysterious hacker. He / she will join Twitter last week, Which raised more questions than answers – and now there have been more bizarre activities.

After months of wondering and a lot of speculation about who the hacker might be – One from me to come back in February – The story will now surely begin to progress at an alarming rate starting to look like the mysterious personality is now making the most of social media!

Last week, when the account appeared, the account’s location section would provide a set of coordinates in which one would quickly detect Google in New Mexico and a place – rather uncommonly – would be called true or result.

Well, those combinations have now changed to a location in Iowa, USA called Last Chance!

Before the hacker’s bio hacker said, “Redemption. How predictable”, the hacker had the opportunity to appear in a reply machine style “You have a new message” with the release of a new video, “The message will be delivered and the truth will be heard.”

You can watch the clip below.