WWE News – The SmackDown superstar has revealed that he is injured


Retrieved 27 April 2020, 06:05 IST

This is a huge blow to the brand“/>
This is a huge push for the brand

A huge push for what SmackDown, Former cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak He is now in critical condition. According to Superstar, the injury happened during his Money in Bank qualifier last week against King Brain of the Blue brand.

The King and the Philadelphia Stretcher both made great matches, making it difficult to predict a winner in a tough event. However, due to the intervention of Cesaro and Shinsuk Nakamura, the match went awry.

Artist Collective members attacked Daniel Bryan, who was on the ringside, and confused Gulak. In isolation by the former cruiserweight champion, Cornin took advantage of this momentary break and hit in one of the last days to secure the victory and stabbed his ticket to the Money in Bank Ladder match.

Gulak confirmed on Twitter that he was injured due to Cesaro, Nakamura and Corbin and that he would be out. Although he did not disclose the extent of his injury, he is not satisfied that he will be disappointed in the first money match of the bank ladder. You can see the tweets below.

Gulak and Brian connect

It’s safe to say that the partnership between Gulak and Brian has become one of the highlights of the blue brand over the past few weeks. The duo opened the show at the Elimination Chamber PPV this year and produced one of the best matches of the night. While Brian won the race, Gulak showed a lot of heart which fascinated the leader of the yes movement.

This then translates into an emerging partnership that sees both men’s character changes with many in the WWE Universe and feels that they can blend well to give a shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Gulak’s injury is a premature one and it will certainly derail a lot of plans for the blue brand. At Sportsaida we wish him a speedy recovery and a speedy return to Square Circle.