WWE News – Undertaker reflects on his nose-breaking

  • The injury could have been worse for Undertaker.
  • WWE recovers the legend and is able to finish the match.


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Undertaker Along with that, she explained how she felt Ray Mysterio During the match he broke his nose Of the WWE SmackDown in the 21st.

Talking on an Instagram live video with Nine Line Clothing, WWE legend said that he almost felt bad for telling the story because Mysterio “felt horrible” about the situation then.

He went on to recall that the three-time world champion jumped too high while performing a sender from the top rope, which meant that Undertaker held the weight of his opponent’s head instead of his chest.

‘Taker suffered a broken nose and orbital bone, but he continued the match and finished recording the win.

“I got up and I was like, ‘Wow, I can see my nose,’ because it’s the end here. I grabbed my nose, I put my nose behind it and straightened it out best for me, but when I got up, there were three of them and he walked as fast as he could. I didn’t need all three of them, so I realized I was going for the middle one! “

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Undertaker vs. Ray Mysterio

Undertaker and Ray Misteri also faced each other in four singles matches on WWE Television between 20 and 20, including the World Heavyweight Championship encounter at the 20 Royal Rumble.

Their aforementioned SmackDown match at 20 (you can see Botch at the beginning of the video above) was seen as the final television match between the two WWE, meaning that Mysterio never defeated a legendary opponent in his singles competition.

Posted on April 12, 2020, 23:47 IST

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