WWE provides injury updates to the top NXT champions


Retrieved 24 April 2020, 05:56 IST

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He was attacked during the main ceremony

This week Nxt The main event of the night was a fair part of the drama as it changed twice. The original plan was to close Velvet Dream Square against Finn Balor, but the former NXT champion disappeared before the show could begin.

It was then decided that the dream NXT would join the North American champions, Keith Lee, Damien Priest had other plans to fight Adam Cole and Roderick Strong.

As soon as the match started, he attacked Limitless One from behind, leaving him unable to compete. Now, the WWE NXT has released an update about the North American champion and revealed that he is in a critical condition.

Lee was scheduled to face Priest in the NXT on the North American Championship line next week. The WWE has confirmed that they are monitoring Unlimited One and he will only be cleared in the competition once the symptoms subside. It clouded next week’s title match.

An update to Tony Ness was also provided which you can watch in the video below.

The North American champion responded to the report and suggested he was not in a good mood.

This week’s NXT

As mentioned above, this week’s NXT main event had lots of sweaters. After Lee was forced to leave, Velvetin found an amazing ally in the form of Dream Dexter Lumis, who leveled the playing field and assisted his Purple Highness Pin NXT champion Adam Cole.

While Lee has assured fans that he will be ready, it remains to be seen whether the Limitless One will fit perfectly.