WWE provides updates on Alastair Black and Ray Mysterio after Money in 2020


Retrieved 12 May 2020, 05:50 IST


The Money at the bank The ladder matches that took place during the PPV at the WWW global headquarters were an unusual one and were delightful considering the situation. Two briefcases were placed on top of the roof during the match. The WWE teased the possibility of the superstars being thrown off the roof and it actually happened!

Alistair Black And Ray Mysterio was thrown from the roof by King Corbin. WWE provided an update on the health of the two Rob Superstars before this week’s show. The report revealed that the two superstars were thrown from the roof and thankfully fell on a roof, falling six feet.

Both of the superstars suffered minor injuries but they have become wrestlers in RAW.

Black and Mysterio will face Murphy and Seth Rollins at RAW after Man in the Bank.

Black and Mysterio were two of the six male superstars who were in the men’s money-in-bank match. King Corbin threw the two superstars from the roof. Corbin climbed the stairs and was a few seconds away from the Money in Bank briefcase, but Elias came back and landed a shot behind Corbin with a guitar, which helped Otis win the title.