WWE Rumors – Paul Heyman makes big decision to give Glass an impressive new superstar

  • Fans probably didn’t expect to see him on Raw anytime soon.
  • The new face has fascinated WWE executives and Paul Heyman.


Modified 14 Apr 2020, 18:36 IST

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Paul Heyman.

There is a new 3-person team in town.

As revealed in the latest episode of RAW, Angel Garza, Andrade and Austin Theory seemed to have made a strong alliance with Jellina Vega becoming the manager of the trilogy. The stable inclusion of the Austrian theory, however, has saved everyone from what seems to be a short-term replacement for Andrade.

Dave Meltzer has released the latest version Wrestling watching radio A full-time call-up has been given to Austin Theory’s original roster, which means he won’t be part of NXT going forward.

It was speculated that Vince McMahon might not be the man behind Theory’s RAW.

Meltzer says that this decision must have been made Paul Heyman. The original plan was to replace Andrade in Theory’s WrestleMania before returning to NXT.

However Of the WWE The management was fascinated by what they saw of Theory and urged him to hold her to the glass.

Meltzer mentions the following:

Yes, this is a call up. Well, this is not Vince. It’s definitely Heyman, okay and he was reared because they needed someone for WrestleMania and they were impressed enough. It’s too early Way too early but they break. They like the three-person stable concept with Jellina Vega, Andrade, Garza and Austin Theory. So there you go.

Austin Theory picked up a convincing win over Akira Tozawa in the RAW this week. He is expected to face Alastair Block in one of the three qualifying bank qualifications announced for Ka’s next season.

Theory, Garza and Andrade appeared on the RAW for the most part, and it seemed like the company might be the team’s dynamic choice.

The Red brand is short on stables as the OC can’t be used for a while with the sale of the AJ Styles Boneyard match finish. Seth Rollins’ squad has also dropped in recent weeks, and a big heel stable was needed to reduce the WWE loss.

Austin Theory’s opening call up will be criticized by a section of the fanbase, however, he’s been given a big break and he won’t complain.

Published on April 14, 2020, 18:36 IST

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