WWE Rumors – Tenara Conti and Several NXT Superstars Silently Released

  • Releases continue throughout the week in WWE
  • NXT has filtered names as WWE continues to publish


Modified April 18, 2020, 05:16 IST

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Taina Conti has been released

Two days ago Vince McMahon announced that it had been roughly a week for WWE employees that the company would be forced to offer huge discounts to their talent pool to meet their shortcomings.

Hours after WWE’s earnings announcement, the calls started filtering out names. Carl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Kurt Angle, Health Slater, Rusev, Aiden English And several well-known stars were released by the organization.

It was rumored then that the NXT brand would face a similar cut, but that it would be held after the Wednesday night show, and as of now writing, WWE has not made any formal announcement of the offer.

Rumors have been circulating online about Tenara Conti, who was released from the WWE a few months ago, but has returned. This time, it is thought that the star, who played at WrestleMania a few years ago, has been officially released, SportsCaddy Tom Calhoo said.

Associate NXT female superstar since Conti isn’t the only name on the list Deona Purazo The publication was published earlier in the week, with a few more names floating around Tino Sabbatelli. Riddick Moss Subtlety was ready for great things in the NXT tag team division before being put on the treatment table after the injury, and he has been on the other side ever since. Subtlety was also associated with this Mandy Rose For several years, however, there have been rumors that couples have left them separately as well.

PWIsider too Reporting That Cesar Bonney and Mars Wang have been relieved of their current contract, though it is underway Report All the talent released through Fightful.com will be paid for 30 days and then free to work for another company.

Earlier in the week, it was revealed by the stars that were published Dan’s head, Alexander Jaxic and MJ Jenkins were also released. It turns out that NXT superstars are quietly being released from their contracts and the company is not officially announcing their status.

The report now indicates that WWE is seeking to reduce their current workforce by at least 40%. This means that both the company’s on and screen employees have lost their jobs and with filtering the names, it is likely that there will be further reductions in the coming days.

April 18, 2020, 05:16 IST Published

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