WWE Rumors – The respected NXT superstar was never going to get a major roster call-up; Are dismissed


Modified 19 Apr 2020, 17:17 IST

Triple H and Vince McMahon.“/>
Triple H and Vince McMahon.

The recent outbreak of releases this week continues as NXT talent continues to be a part of the latest batch of silence.

Cassius Ohno was one of the NXT superstars who took over from the company and it has not been officially confirmed that Ohno has changed his name to ‘WWE Alumni’, which is a big indicator of his WWE departure.

Dave Meltzer opened on the release of Ovno in its latest version Wrestling watching radio.

Cassius Ohno will never be called to the main roster

Ohno, who is known as Chris Hero, was sacked Wednesday night. The 22-year-old pro-wrestling veteran was a player-coach at NXT, and Meltzer estimates that the WWE never intended to get him on the main roster.

Even he never put too much pressure on NXT TV. Ohno recently started working for the NXT UK brand, but because of his experience he was considered a valuable asset.

Calling Ohno one of the smartest boys in the company, Meltzer mentions that different talents sought for an experienced person for guidance and training. The highly respected Ohno was a big brother to the talent backstage and helped him understand wrestling and many aspects of life.

Cassius Ohno 40 years old and it was estimated that the reason was Of the WWE He might have decided to leave.

Here’s what Meltzer shared in the latest WOR:

Cassius Ohno is a name that was technically released this morning, I think he was sacked Wednesday night. He was like a player-coach and I mean I got it. Well, that’s all I get. He would never be brought to the main roast, I think it was very clear and he would never be hard pressed on NXT.

They were doing something with him on the NXT UK brand but he liked it more, you know he was a guy who talked about wrestling and working out and doing multiple styles and you know different ideas from different places. I know that many people like him were very high on him because of how much he taught you about wrestling and about life and these national issues.

He was like the older brother of a lot of guys at NXT, so when you look at the idea on paper they won’t use him but he was valuable in other ways. But he was losing and was close to 5 and they weren’t going to use him and I got that perspective.

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