WWE Superstar Reveals Huge Hint About NJPW Return


Modified April 21, 2020, 18:24 IST

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WWU should be given more than 30 employees as a cost cut

April 15, 2020, Of the WWE As a cost-cutting measure due to prevailing conditions, both the in-ring and backstage were forced to leave the entire staff. These included some big names like Rusev, Kurt Angle, Finlay, Drake Maverick, EC3. However, when fans showed their two names on the list of released superstars, they were Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Since then, Carl Anderson The return teased NJPW Several times on social media today, he posted a monologue from his time in Japan, furthering rumors of his return to the place where he became a world-renowned name.

NJPW during Carl Anderson

 Luke Japan (L) and Carl Anderson “/>
Luke Hook (L) and Carl Anderson during their time at New Japan Pro Wrestling

Carl Anderson made his debut at NJPW back in May 27 and was part of a tag team known as Bad Intention with Giant Bernard (Mac Bloom, NXT FKA A-Train / Tennessee head coach). The highlight of his time at NJPW was when he was part of the Bullet Club, where he eventually started tagging with Luke Gallows. Anderson is a four-time IWGP Tag Team Champion, three of which were with Gallo.

Now that Carl Anderson is a free agent, it makes sense for him to return to wherever he became a household name. Although there is no guarantee, Luke Gallows can also get his tag team partner back in Japan and reunite with the Bullet Club in the coming months.

WWE Amazingly Releases Karl Anderson and Luke Gallo

The WWE Universe was shocked to see the names of Luke Gallo and Carl Anderson on the list of published personnel, especially given the fact that both of them were very heavy in building AJ Styles’ WrestleMania match against The Undertaker. In fact, they even appeared in ‘Monia’ when The Good Brothers tried to figure out The Phenom during the Boneyard match, though failed.

The OC had just started to gain some momentum as a team and it was speculated that they would take on a larger role in WWE’s post-Mania era.