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Retrieved 09 May 2020, 10:26 IST

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At a glance for the latest MITB rumors

Thanks to a large chunk of corporate money for the bank’s stair matches held at the WWW headquarters, the money in the bank has taken the form of an attractive PPV.

The show will also be seen defending McIntyre WWE’s Championship against Seth Rollins, when Bra White Former Perez challenges Brown Strowman for the Universal Championship.

With PPV around the corner, let’s take a look at the rumors surrounding the show.

Bra White wants to keep Brown Strowman in the Money In Bank

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Brown Strowman

‘The Find’ Bray White will challenge Brown Brahm Strowman’s former predicament in the White family of Money in Bank for his WWU Universal Championship.

This will be Strowman’s first title defense since winning the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 336. Sportskidar Tom Colhu discusses the match in the latest episode of Sports Dropkick Discussions.

Kolohu said Bray White probably wanted to keep Money in the Bank as ‘Monster in Man’. Here is what he had to say:

However, as we know their history, Bray White trusts Brown Strowman very much. I think it probably wants to lose the match which can be lost in many ways, not just the real man who undoubtedly wants to work and really hands him over, as he always has. He tried his best with Brun and Brown is also getting rewards for his own hard work, but you also have to consider, Bray White changes people.

I don’t want to see Bran straight heels again. It’s reaching flip-flops at the Big Show level. I’ve said extensively in this podcast, that if they get out of this match with Brown holding Strowman, it has to be the cause of a story. The fact that it’s not Bray White and Find, it’s because of a story. Brown holds on to me. Brown knows Brack. Backstage sense, Bra wants to give Brown that rub.

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